Why Blue Technologies

Blue Technologies is the only company in the region to deploy industry best practices such as “Class 100 Clean Room Lab” to maximise data recovery success rate from any type of crash scenario and there are number of circumstances for data loss the major contributors to data loss are hardware or system malfunction and human error.

General Causes for Data Loss:

  • Accidental Deletion / Formatting
  • Forgotten Password / Data Encryption
  • Inaccessible Disks / Partitions
  • Operating System Crash
  • Hard Disk Failed / Crashed
  • Mechanical Failure of Hard Disk
  • Natural Disasters like Floor / Fire
  • Electrical Damage due to Power Failure / Surges
  • Firmware Corruption
  • Multiple Disk Failure in RAID Systems

Process Followed for Data Recovery:

Consultation of the crash media for data recovery aspect.
Thorough analysis of your crashed media to decide upon the most appropriate data recovery approach.
Data Recovery
Fast, Efficient & Secured data recovery.
Handover of Data
Data Delivery with minimum turnaround time upholding the data integrity and consistency
Blue Technologies Clean Room Chamber

Pioneer in the region with Class 100 Clean Room

Class 100 Clean Room is a control environment, necessary for opening the hard disk which has less then 100 dust particles (0.5 microns) per cubic foot of air, as against a typical air conditioned office building containing 500,000 to 1,000,000 particles per cubic foot air.