Services In-Lab Data Recovery

Desktop / Laptop Recovery

Blue Technologies is capable enough to deal with physical damages such as faulty head (read/write head), spindle motor ham, burnt PCB, crash due to overheating drives, replacement of Platters and logical errors such as missing MBR (Master Boot Record), OS Failure and Partition Table Damage.

RAID Recovery (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks)

Hard disk data recovery becomes more complicated when multiple failed drives are part of a RAID Array. Blue Technologies has the capacity and expertise to deal with complex and technically challenging RAID Recoveries.

RAID usages tips
  • If a drive is making unusual mechanical noises, turn it off and immediately get assistance.
  • Label the Drives with their position in a RAID Array.
  • "DO NOT" run volume repair utilities on suspected bad drives
  • "DO NOT" defragment suspected bad drives.

Server Recovery

A server allows you to store and access huge blocks of business data at a centralised location. In a server data loss instances such as, single or multiple hard drive failure, RAID Controller failure, virus attack or file system corruption can be one of primary causes for loss of your business critical data.

Some prominent data loss situation in a server
  • Failure of intermittent drive resulting in configuration corruption.
  • Simultaneous failure of multiple drives.
  • Accidental reconfiguration.
  • File system / OS corruption.
  • Accidental deletion of data while taking backup.
  • Natural disaster like flood, fire, earthquake, etc.

External Hard Drive

With increasing use of external / removal hard disk drive people are getting used to store there personal / business critical data on such media. But there drives take the largest portion for people losing their data. If the data on the drive is overwritten, the chances of recovering such data reduce.

Mobile Recovery

Blue Technologies helps in recovering data from almost all types of cell phones including Chinese Phone. We can recover all deleted contacts, messages along with the time stamps, images stored etc.