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Accomplished entrepreneur and leading consultant with a proven track record of 15 years in handling Turnkey IT projects involving a wide range of technology. Have worked for top multinationals, Classified Intelligence agencies and several leading education institutions. The technical strength lies in understanding the technology to the core and ability to analyze, assimilate and integrate with the best of efficiencies and ROI. The range of Technology includes Microsoft, Citrix, SAP, Oracle, Sun, IBM, Motorola (Wireless ), Cicso and Open source technologies. I do have several research papers published to my credit and have addressed number of seminars, Conferences and workshops.

Career Landmarks:

  • At the age of 19 years became the “Cost and Works Accountant”. The profession that I abandoned due to lack of creativity and challenges.
  • Year 1995: Started own Firm to provide Technical support for Computer hardware. This was the initial learning and experimenting phase.
  • Year 2006: Started A new company with the focus on providing turnkey solutions and technological integration with the banner “Synergy Systems”. The Company still holds monopoly in certain technical niches in the local and statewide market. Implemented Several Projects that Giants like BSNL, Brain Power, Airtel failed to implement successfully. Most of them are still working. Deployed Connectivity solution with Non LoS Radio link 300 Mbps across 10 KM aerial distance. This is still the only of its kind nationwide.
  • Year 2007: Started Training on information security and Forensics with institutes like Reliance (DAKC), IMT and other online training institutes. Till date have trained more than 15000 Professionals on Information security and forensics.
  • Year 2008: Launched a Company with the aim of providing Technological Consultation with the name of “Sempersol Consultancy (P) Ltd.”. This is a group of highly recognized IT Professionals across globe. The team has worked with several classified intelligence agencies, Military organizations, Other Government and non-government agencies. The Company is already on its way to strike the strategic alliance with companies like Tatnet, Reliance, IBM and other leading brands to provide services and technical support/ Consultation.
  • Year 2008: Published a Book on Forensics under the title name “ System Forenics”. The book is co- Authored by Mr. Ankit Fadia. This is the only book on the subject written by an indian author and is being referred as reference manual by Military intelligence, Forensic labs and other law enforcement agencies. The book is being used as part of teaching curriculum in IMT (Ghaziabad). Currently the book is being sold in 60+ Nations.
  • Year 2009: Presented paper in International information security “Nullcon” on Steganography and staganalysis. The Paper brought out the techniques of unmasking the steganography. This was a joint effort with a leading Psychological Counselor Dr. Reena Bhansali to bring and merge Technology with Human psychology to unearth the Criminals.
  • Year 2010: Started with the online education venture named “Shikshavid”. The venture is dedicated to provide training/ Education on high end technologies and prepare thorough professionals to the core. The venture is dedicated to provide a platform for technical discussions and Research and Development.
  • Year 2011: Stepped into the consultation. Official Consultants for IIM Udaipur, Guest faculty at IIM Udaipur, Several Corporates, Few NGO’s, Conducted hands on workshop on evidence handling for Law enforcement agencies. Designed HACKIM 5 CTF Forensics part. The CTF was attempted by 800 hacker groups across globe and was globally appraised.

Technologies worked with Hardware Technology

  • IBM Hardware Technology: IBM X series servers, Blade servers and Storage technology, P series servers till P6. Currently perusing mainframe technology. Worked with IBM UTM boxes.
  • Motorola Technology: Worked with state of art Motorola Pre-wimax / Wimax technology including Line of sight and non-Line of sight scenarios. Worked on Security as well as Vulnerability assessments of various wireless devices.
  • CISCO Technology: Worked on CISCO Routers till 4000 series, Firewalls and UTM boxes, Integration with Motorola, VOIP technology and related configurations. Exploring CISCO VAS currently

Technologies worked with Software / OS Technology

Microsoft Technology

  • Server technology from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows server 2008 with almost every variant Standard to Enterprise and Data center versions. Worked with single server to cluster and cloud environment. Worked with Virtualization as well and currently working on Security aspect of windows server in virtual and cloud environment.
  • Messaging technology: Worked with MS exchange 2000 to MS exchange 2010. The work includes migration as well as establishing and maintaining new installations. Worked with several spam mechanisms and malware propagation and devised several ways to counter them.
  • Security / Proxy: Worked with Microsoft ISA 2000 and 2004 servers with policy configurations and VPN. Work includes customized scripting as well as integrations.
  • CRM: Worked on Dynamics CRM 4.0: Basic/ Working knowledge. Recently solved a cyber-attack/ hack case using Windows server 2003 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4. The server was finally restored with attack remains and rootkits removed.
  • Sysinternal/ Wininternal Toolkit: Used extensively these tools for malware reversing, Analysis as well as forensic analysis. In depth understanding of these tools along with malware functionality. Published a paper on malware reversing methodologies.
  • Share point and InfoPath: Basic / working knowledge of infopath, Share point and Visual studio. More of an administrative knowledge.

IBM Technology

  • AIX: Certified AIX engineer. Worked with AIX v.6 on Power series platform. Work includes installation and configuration, SAP /ABAP installations. Administration of Server.
  • Domino Technology: Worked on Messaging and workflow management on domino. Performed several penetrations testing on the same with solutions to patch the same.
  • Tivoli: Implementation of Tivoli backup management system with D3000 series of San boxes and IBM blades.

Open Source Technology

  • Almost every flavor of Linux distribution
  • OTRS: Open source trouble ticket booking system
  • Sugar CRM: Open source CRM with integration of Asterisk
  • Asterisk: Open source IP PBX
  • Open source Live distro: Backtrack, Helix, Matriux, TSK (The sleuth kit from Brian carrier),NST, OASP Labrat, OSWA Assistant, FIRE, INSERT, PLAC, Live view, Various perl scripts, Hex editors and a number of other tools and distros

Seminars/ Papers

  • Altering Trojan signatures: A newbie way
  • Malware analysis methodologies
  • Radio signal manipulation: The case of Non Line of Sight signaling
  • Steganography and staganalysis: A technological and psychological perspective (Co-Authored with Dr. Reena Bhansali) presented in Nullcon international information security conference held at Goa.
  • WORKING UPON: Voip hack methodologies and investigations


  • System Forensics co- Authored by Ankit Fadia: ISBN 9788125931515. The book deals with forensic investigation methodologies and concepts. Its part of curriculum at IMT Ghaziabad and being used as reference manual by several Forensic labs and Military intelligence agencies. Being sold across more than 60 nations worldwide.
  • Advanced Systems forensics: On the curriculum with IMT Ghaziabad and DAKC run AFCEH


  • Trained more than 15000 students through AFCEH program run by DAKC (Reliance Com.)
  • Online training to students at IMT Ghaziabad
  • Visiting faculty to number of institutes and engineering colleges
  • Launched and online education initiative under the brand name “Shikshavid” with Dr. Reena Bhansali
  • Hands on workshops for Law enforcement agencies on “Handling the digital evidences”
Boonlia Prince Komal